I am finally in Japan! I have been here for 4 days so far. I really want to blog as much as possible, but everything has been quite hectic. I am having fun of course, but I haven’t had any time to slow down and relax until this morning. I actually wrote this little entry while I was on the Airport Limousine shuttle bus from Narita airport to Shibuya Station, but didn’t have time to post until now. Enjoy!

I just thought to myself that “it is 15 minutes until 11:00 pm,” but that’s not the correct format here. It’s currently 22:45. I changed my phone to reflect 24 hour time weeks ago, but I’m still not quite used to it. I’m constantly thinking of the time in 12 hour shifts and adjusting accordingly. And after a surreal experience going through immigration and customs, then stumbling around Narita trying to acquire my JR pass (they were closed, by 10 minutes. Curse my weak bladder, or perhaps the 11 hour flight), I just managed to catch the 22:00 shuttle to downtown Tokyo.

Because everything has been such a mad dash from the plane to the shuttle, nothing has felt real; there has not been a moment where I felt like “wow, I am in Japan.” But we just passed a driver on the highway and she was driving on the opposite side of the car; this lead me to realized we are driving on the opposite side of the road. And at that moment, that seemingly insignificant detail I noticed from the plush seats of this “Airport Limousine,” it finally hit me: check this one off the life goal list, Tiffany. You’re finally here. You’re in Japan.