Japan 2013

Japan 2013, Week One (Part III)

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2013 ends in a little over 48 hours and I haven’t finished blogging about week one in Japan! Sorry for the delay. I have a little explanation blurb at the bottom of this entry, but for those who don’t want to hear excuses about my lack of updates, please enjoy the post! Lost in Nakano… Read more »

Japan 2013, Week One (Part I)

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I returned from my month long stay in Japan almost two months ago. I promised to blog while I was in Japan but with the exception of the brief thoughts I shared during my first day there, I didn’t blog at all. I do feel a little regret because I really wanted to write down… Read more »

日本にいます。I’m in Japan.

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I am finally in Japan! I have been here for 4 days so far. I really want to blog as much as possible, but everything has been quite hectic. I am having fun of course, but I haven’t had any time to slow down and relax until this morning. I actually wrote this little entry… Read more »