I haven’t posted in ages! I’m doing a horrible job with my blog’s “rebirth.” So now for the excuse: I’ve been incredibly busy, preparing for my upcoming Japan trip. As anyone who knows me personally can attest, I have been planning this Japan trip for the past four to five years. I’ve been imagining this trip in my head so long—I still cannot believe I’m actually going. I’ve done all of the important things already, like buying the plane ticket, acquiring an apartment to rent for the three weeks I’ll be there, and buying my JR train pass. But now that I have less than a week left until my departure, I have started to plan out other small things. My best friend lives in Tokyo, so I’ve been working with her on figuring out a rough schedule for my stay, but now I’m also realising that I need to pack enough clothes to last me for three weeks.

The good thing about staying in an apartment is I will have easy access to a laundry machine, but since this is my first international trip, I don’t want to over or underpack. So what’s an international travel newbie to do when looking for fashion inspiration while abroad? Go to Pinterest and Polyvore of course! I found some pretty adorable inspiration boards that I can use to plan out the travel outfits I have in mind. Take a look at the following 3 inspiration pins from my board. Also, if you know of any great articles or posts about how to pack light for an international trip, please let me know!

Dress + Cardigan + Boots

I’m a bit of a cardigan fanatic, so I am always attracted to outfits with cardigans. I’m not quite sure how the weather will be Tokyo because it’s still too early to trust the weather report, but living in San Francisco has taught me the power of layering. I will definitely try a combo like this while I’m in Tokyo, perhaps with tights if it’s a bit cool that day.

Chambray Shirt + Khaki Shorts

This look defines “effortless chic”. Now everyone reads that phrase while viewing a style blog or reading a fashion magazine, but what does it really mean? To me, it means having a timeless, classic look that is easy to wear. This simple outfit can be worn just like in the photo, but your personality can really shine through depending on the accessories you pair with the outfit. It looks super comfortable, which is key when you’re sightseeing.

Sightseeing Outfits

Having a few outfits in mind is great, but nothing beats someone completely breaking down your travel style for you! I love the different outfit combinations that Josie of Travelista put together in this image. I think I’ll need a few more items since I’ll be there for a while, but overall, this looks like a smart and simple way to have a diverse wardrobe during my stay.