BloomNation: Account Management

My Role: ui • ux • Wires • Prototypes • Design specifications & documentation • Asset generation • user testing

Design Challenge
BloomNation previously had no account management. Consequently, there was no incentive for users to create an account as there was no benefit for doing so. The team had already done much thinking and discussion around this project prior to my joining the company, but the project had stalled at the design stage.
I designed an account management experience that could be built and released in a short amount of time. I mapped out the entire account management experience, and provided all necessary guidance and assets to ensure we released this project quickly.
Detailed case-study for this project available by request.

Comparative Analysis
I started by finding real-world examples of account management interfaces; I researched copy choices, design trends, UI patterns, and common layouts.
User Flows
After that, I defined the user journey and touch points. This was to ensure the team collectively understood which backend systems the users interacted with and when those interactions would occur. This also helped us outline what the user could and couldn’t do in the initial MVP (minimum viable product) release, referred to internally as Phase 1.

Mobile and desktop design explorations were next. As I designed I had to keep in mind that account management would be released on BloomNation's main marketplace as well as across hundreds of custom “premium sites” for florists; whatever solution I came up with had to work for both.

Wireframes & Mocks
After reviewing my sketches with the team, I rendered the designs in a lo-fidelity wireframe to start fleshing out the full experience. I also built a prototype in Invision to share with the team.

Low-fidelity wires (BloomNation Marketplace)

Using the project stakeholders’ feedback on the lo-fi prototypes to inform my decisions, I continued on to finish the high-fidelity mocks for account management in the marketplace and for the individual florists' websites that we hosted. I worked with engineering to answer any questions and ensure the project was implemented as designed.

High-fidelity designs (BloomNation Marketplace)

One design challenge was how to incorporate account management into the premium site design framework. Premium sites all had the same HTML/CSS framework, but most heavily on custom CSS to modify their individual interfaces and visual designs. As a result of all of this custom CSS, I had to keep in mind that any major structure changes that I proposed would likely break across hundreds of sites—it would greatly impact the success of the release and implementation.

For the premium sites, I modified the existing the shopping cart area in the template and added an account dropdown link. I also instructed that we add the ability to set and use primary/secondary theme colors in premium sites. This allowed us to use CSS to make the new account management feature, as well as any future projects, feel natural no matter the premium site’s visual design.

High-fidelity design designs (Premium sites for florists)


Account management was fully rolled out on the BloomNation marketplace in mid-December 2016, followed by a soft-launch on Premium Sites starting in May 2017. This rollout strategy gave the product team a chance to collect data, metrics, and UX feedback while engineering determined the best release strategy for the required code changes across the florist premium sites. As of June 2017 account management is now fully released across all premium sites.

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