My Role: ui • ux • IA • HTML • PHP • CSS • Social Media

Design Challenge
In winter 2014, the owners of Muracci's, a group of restaurants in the San Francisco Bay Area, contacted me about redesigning their site. Their old site was outdated and was designed using an old website creation software that no longer exists. As a result it did not work at all on mobile devices and was very difficult to update. speciality).

My main goals were to modernise the site's appearance and to make it responsive for mobile devices. I also would assist them with their social media activities. After consulting the owners of the restaurant to understand their needs, I got to work; the only requirement I had was to keep the existing colour palette (yellow reminds them of Japanese curry, Muracci's speciality).


The first thing I did was establish an architecture for the site, as the original site was sorely lacking structure. I did a little research on how other local restaurants structured their sites and came up with a possible site map to present to the Muracci's owners (at the time, there were three locations in the Bay Area as well as plans to transfer the old blog to the new site).

Once I got the approval from the client, I implemented the site using HTML, PHP, and CSS. The site was launched shortly after the opening of their newest restaurant in Berkeley. I also worked with them on setting up social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Yelp) for their restaurant manager, as well as creating some menus and other promotional items for the grand opening.

Overall, this project was a great way to ease back into doing freelance after a long break. It also gave me the opportunity to visit Muracci's and consume copious amounts of curry, all in the name of business.

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