Rocket Lawyer: Document Defense

My Role: ui • ux • Wires • Prototypes • Design specifications & documentation • Asset generation • user testing

Design Challenge
Rocket Lawyer wanted to introduce their first add on, a product called Document Defense, to their existing eCommerce ecosystem.
Document Defense gives customers the option to purchase protection from a lawyer in the event of a contract dispute on a document created with Rocket Lawyer. From a UX point of view, my goal was to help user's understand how Rocket Lawyer adds value, while working in the restraints of the platform.

Competitive Research
In the early stages of the project, I spent time researching add-on purchases to discover design patterns that would help shape my designs.
User Journeys
Whiteboards and sketchbooks helped me to develop out my ideas and easily share them with my team as I started mapping out the user journey. After several iterations, I mapped out the process for the full add-on experience and then scaled it back to what we could do for the MVP release.

Next, I made low fidelity sketches for how Document Defense could be integrated into the legal document creation flow (aka the "user interview") and the document checkout page.

Design Exploration
Using feedback I received from the team on my sketches, I generated a low fidelity prototypes of the complete flow. I presented the design options to the stakeholders and executive team, explaining why I thought certain designs worked better over others.

Low-fidelity design explorations

The checkout page design was approved fairly quickly, but for the interview page I was asked to render some of the design options into high fidelity for further review.

High-fidelity design options

Once I had approval on the final designs, I used Webflow to create interactive and responsive prototypes for the front-end development team. I also provided them with assets and interaction specs. The product was released in July 2015 and has performed well, improving conversion rates for users who choose to purchase the add on.

User Testing
Due to timeline constraints, I did quick, small scale user testing for the MVP release via several unmoderated UX studies. Post-release I was able to return to the project to work on additional design and copy testing, which was followed by ongoing A/B testing and optimizations.

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