Socialcast Android App

My Role: ui • ux • Design specifications & documentation • Asset generation • user testing

Design Challenge
The Socialcast Android app was designed for an outdated Android OS, used old Socialcast branding and had various bugs and UX issues. In addition, all of the source files were missing, there were no existing design specs, and user feedback was generally negative.

We repackaged the Android app and rebuilt it from the ground up. This allowed us to address all of the UX issues as well as establish a new design process for the mobile team.


This project was the first time Socialcast developed an app in-house. I worked on this app from the early conceptual stages to release. Working with another designer, we established the mobile design process for the team. After we completed the planning and research stages we began the designing, starting with lo-fidelity wires.

We created simple click-thru prototypes that allowed us to test in-office and get feedback. We had an aggressive deadline for this project so we worked quickly, iterating on our designs and generating high fidelity wires that we would use in user testing sessions.

User Testing

We did a few rounds of user testing for this app. The first test was on the key screens wired up in a click-through prototype through Marvel. For this test, I recruited all of the participants, worked on the testing script, and organised the facilitation and recording of each session. The other major test we held was prior to the release. Multiple guerrilla testing sessions were held in Palo Alto and San Francisco.

Design Deliverables

During the development process, I kept precise notes to track the progress of each feature. This was a vital tool for both monitoring what features from the web were going to be translated to mobile as well as making sure that we stayed on schedule with our deliverables for the engineer. In addition, I produced design specification guides for the mobile engineer that explained the app's interaction and visual specifications. I also created all of necessary assets for the various Android screen resolutions.


The app was released in June 2014. I wrote a blog post to announce the release. The Play Store rating also slightly increased, going from a 3.2 to a 3.6 rating.

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