My Role: ui • ux • Html • css • Wires • Prototypes • Flows • user testing

project Overview

Socialcast designers are responsible for both design and front-end code implementation. My responsibilities included creating mocks, wires and flows for the web app. I also implemented my designs to production in HTML and CSS, using Haml and Sass.

In addition to working on some of the core projects show below, I also led the design and implementation for an email redesign project. Finally, I conducted various user testing sessions for the web app.

New Comment Indicator
This project added a notification to alert a user that a new comment had been posted on a message. Previously, there was no indication if a new comment from someone else was added while a user was typing a reply. This meant users could unknowingly post a duplicate or outdated reply to the message. The solution to this issue was to subtly alert the user that a new comment had been posted and to allow the user to see it.

File Integrations
For this project, we added the ability for admins to integrate their community with external file services like Google Drive or Dropbox. The following screens are from the integration setup process.

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