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"Like" Animation

💖 My first animation, inspired by Twitter's now-iconic Like animation.

💐 BloomNation was building a feature that allows a shopper to like products. My only requirements for this project from the leadership was to use the BloomNation logo in an animation. Since the logo is a heart it works pretty well.

💓 I studied animation in college, so I've been wanting to use it more in my work as a product designer and am happy I finally had a chance to animate something! See it in action here.

👁 See it in action here.

User Icon (in Address Book)

💐 This is a user avatar I created for BloomNation's Delivery Book in Account Management.

👤 All user accounts will always have a first and last name attached. As our users typically don't make enough frequent purchases to warrant the ability to set a photo for each entry, using the first and last initial I created these icons for the address book.

🎨 I also created the watercolour images (using on our logo colours) that the icons cycle through. These icons are a subtle way to add a bit of polish and visual interest to the address book section.

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